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SEK Education Group

SEK International Schools offer education to more than 6,000 day and boarding students of more than 70 nationalities, from 4 months to 18 years of age, in their campuses of  Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Almería, Pontevedra), France (Les Alpes), Qatar (Doha), Ireland (Dublin) and Saudi Arabia

SEK International Schools offer an international education which focusses on the individual student. They also offered the prestigious Baccalaureate Organisation Programmes PYP, MYP and Diploma.

Our aim at SEK International Schools is to provide a high quality international education through the development of our students’ abilities to the highest level of their potential. Established in 1892, SEK International Schools are places where innovation and pedagogical leadership are combined with over 125 years of tradition and history to offer educational programmes unlike any others.

SEK is committed to a holistic education and the full development of each students’ individual talents and interests. The core of the SEK profile is to prepare our students to guide their own future and become lifelong learners. Our students learn through the understanding that serving and caring for others brings the highest rewards in life, while ensuring that they become skilled and balanced 21st century productive and creative citizens.

SEK Education Group

Camilo José Cela University

“He who resists, always wins ” Camilo José Cela. This famous quote by the Nobel Laureate that our university is named after, continues to inspire our path. Camilo José Cela University continues to develop its efforts in teaching and social commitment with an emphasis in flexibility and integrity. To prepare for the future the SEK Education Group sets its strategic axes upon research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

UCJC celebrated in 2020 its 20 years of existence as an educational community. It honours its past as heir to the legacy of its founder, and it looks to the future as a university of excellence and evolution. Camilo José Cela University, as part of SEK Education Group, will take on the future of education in the technological era with principles that continue to defend diversity, sustainability, critical thinking and a socially committed spirit.

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