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Christmas short story competition winners

Christmas short story competition
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Christmas short story competition. Find out our winners.

SEK Dublin's English department has organized a Christmas short story competition, in which students from all SEK schools have been able to participate. Dozens of students have sent us, with great enthusiasm, their wonderful stories, which English teachers have carefully read and judged. We are happy to announce the winners of the competition:

The first prize in the MYP1-MYP2 category is for Tomás Cabrera, from SEK-Catalunya. Congratulations, Tomás you have won an Instax Camera!

The winner in the MYP3-MYP4 category is Agam Rossen, from SEK-Dublin. Congratulations, Agam you have won a portable Bluetooth speaker!

The winner in the MYP5-DP category is Valeria Ramos from SEK- Cudalcampo. Congratulations, Valeria you have won an eBook!

We want to thank all the students and teachers involved in this initiative that we hope will be repeated every year. It is a great opportunity for everyone who dreams of being a writer, or simply for those who wish to share their creativity with the world.


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