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SEK Dublin caring conservationists adopt wild babies

  • Curricular Enrichment

For UN World Wildlife Day (, celebrated on 3 March, SEK Dublin MYP1s donated to wildlife conservation initiatives in Ireland. 

Last week the class ran a Wildlife fundraiser, appealing to SEK Dublin students and staff to donate towards helping animals in need. We are super proud that they raised over 200 euro. The school´s management kindly agreed to match the funds raised. Therefore, with a total tally of 400+ euro we can make a difference and help save lives. Funds have been distributed to wildlife conservation. 

The class have adopted five seals with the Wexford Seal Rescue Centre ( These seal pups were rescued earlier this year and are currently in ICU, growing stronger and healing each day. The Seal Rescue team sent the class their adoption certificates and rescue stories of the seals their funds will assist. We will receive updates on their progress and monitor their recovery until hopeful release back into the wild. The MYP1s are proud wildlife ´parents´ and very excited about their adoptions.

Funds were also donated to Dublin Zoo (, adopting a penguin, giraffe, rhino and gorilla. Students shared presentations about wild animals on the red data list and selected their favourite animals at the zoo, which we could direct our donations towards assisting. 

Further funds were donated to The Secret Valley Wildlife Park ( in County Wexford. It´s amazing how far a little gesture can go. We thank everyone who made donations, whether a few cents to a few euro, collectively we have saved lives and supported the exceptional and vital work conservationists are doing in Ireland.  

Such initiatives are heart warming and simple yet truly meaningful examples of empathy and global citizenship. This project aligns not only with the current science unit where MYP1s are learning about how living things work and conservation but also aligns with their learning of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Caring attitudes, positive action, and development of International Baccalaureate (IB) principles of being caring, reflective, thinking, principled, balanced, risk-taking individuals, who think beyond self and current context, to contribute to meaningful action.  

We encourage others to support wildlife conservation in whatever ways you can. 

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